MARS TECH creates the best connection between their employees and automotive community, customers and suppliers, and all other business partners. We always offer them highest level of quality. We therefore succeed in combining a comprehensive commitment to quality with versatile customer benefits.

Our certified quality management system ensures that our customers can rely on our products and services being of a high quality that can easily master the challenges of a global market with the necessary efficiency, quality and profitability.

The implementation of the quality management system is an interdisciplinary task that involves all departments and levels. We rely on the dedication, creativity and skill of our employees. We also make regular investments in new technologies and in developing our capacities. This safeguards our competitive edge and creates the necessary preconditions for full customer satisfaction as well as for our customers’ success in their markets.


Every single connector that leaves our company is new and original 100 %. This “zero-defect-strategy” is the guiding principle of our quality concept. We use new generations of test module and intelligent test boards. The gateway system in development and in project management as well as the checkpoint system in production, guarantee that the next process step can only start if the test result is ok. Any defects can easily be traced back at any time with labeling and tracking of each individual product.


“The customer is at the heart of our activities” – the main idea of MARS TECHruns like a continuous thread through all divisions of the company. All processes are designed to guarantee consistently high quality. In each phase of a project, we follow the principles of fault prevention. We assure about required certificate of compliance for our clients to build trust on product quality as proof of customer-orientated and environmental friendly practices.

Quality Imanagement

At MARS TECH, assuring the quality of our product, is based on consistent and predictive quality management in all relevant business.

Everything begins with our sources with joint planning and realisation of improvements in quality. Our sources are actively involved from building samples to the end of the project. Quality assurance agreements guarantee consistent quality of all parts, deviations in supply quality and reliability are forwarded immediately by Incoming Goods to Purchasing. There is also a continuous transfer of knowledge between purchase-logistics-quality circle.




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